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Physics For Mr. B

So new site same old content.  These are original teaching pps with the homework references.  All these will also appear on google classroom. (Sorry lot of hyperlinks to other sites on net not working its a summer project for 2018)





1705-The Electron



1708 – Magnetism

1709- Electricity

1710-Experiments in L.C. Physics

As well as these longer versions I have shorter ones you can edit and delete slides you do not need to make your own revision set. Good luck.

01-Light shorter

02-Forces shorter

03-Heat shorter

04-Waves shorter

05-The Electron shorter

06-Nuclear shorter

09- Electricity shorter

Then there are all the revision materials that I have written or….collected the booklet is a lot of pages so make sure you want it before chopping down another tree

All Practicals wallchart


Exam Revision Booklet Physics

Formulae & Tables

How to graph HL Physics



Finally a few fun links for the spare hours.



Yes I know but they do exist I just have to find them again.